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- If you are new to Human Design, the fist step is to get you Foundation reading.
You can go directly to the order form here.
- You don't need to read through this web :o) You will learn all you kneed to know about your design during your Foundation Reading
- Your reading is always recorded for you (including Skype or telephone readings)
- You can get your free Human Design chart online here

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1This is the real initiation into living your design. Foundation Reading offers an in-depth holistic look at your inner workings. It can reveal your true nature and help understand what takes you away from it. Above all, you will learn what is your voice of truth and how to make the right decisions.

> More about Foundation Reading

Your investment: $ 200
To order, please fill in the form below and proceed to the payments page.


1Partnership reading offers a deep look at the energetics of your relationships - be it personal, business or any other. We will look at the potential conflict areas and uncover your differences that have to be respected in order for any true relationship to happen. We will look where you can grow together, what are your challenges in the relationship and what you can do make it work better.
Prerequisite: Foundation Reading for both of you. Giving minimum of 2 months
to experiment with it before going for the Parthership Reading is ideal.

Your investment: $ 200
To order, please fill in the form below and proceed to the payments page.


1 Supporting your experiment in the daily life

Foundation reading will give you all the keys to the power within you and tell you how to unlock it. Coaching can be a follow-up to your reading after you’ve had some time to experiment with your decision-making, your strategy and authority. It can clarify what has come up for you in your process. Coaching also offers (ongoing) support,which is very helpful especially early on in your experiment. Coaching is here to help you in dealing with life in the new way and to get you firmly grounded in what’s really correct for you.
Prerequisite: Foundation Reading

Your investment: $ 200
To order, please fill in the form below and proceed to the payments page.


It is very important to enter your data correctly. Especially the time of birth, which needs to be as close to the minute as possible. Many times time given by the parents is actually wrong. Try and get your birth certificate from the hospital or the Bureau of Vital Statistics. If there is no way for you to know the exact time, write the most probable time (+/- xx min) and leave me a message in the Comments form bellow. Chart usually stays the same +/- 1-2 hours so don't worry if you don't know the exact minute :)

Now enter the data necessary for the calculation of your Human Design chart. Before you click Submit, please double check to make sure it's correct.
(I respect your privacy and will never give away your data.)

e.g. Matt Jones
e.g. 27
e.g. 9 (September)
e.g. 1969
e.g. 22
e.g. 45
e.g. Toronto
e.g. Ontario, Canada

In case you don‘t know the exact time, write the possible time span, for example: 9:30 +/- 30 min. You can let me know your Skype name, if you have any.
18 + 8 =
Write the result in the field.

By submitting your data, you will be forwarded to the Payments page
If you have any problem submitting your data, please send them to me by email.

1. Over the internet (Skype) or the telephone
This is the most common way to get your reading. I will record the Skype call and send it to you after the reading, so that you can always come back to it.
Note: The tepelhone reading is possible for land line only.

2. Personal meeting
Currently I live in Prague, Czech Republic. If you happen to be arround, you are most welcome to come by for a live reading :)