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Imagine what it would be like, if your parents told you how to function and navigate in the world. How to decide. What your gifts and talents are as well as where you are open and vulnerable. Few simple tips so that your life flows naturally, harmoniously and effortlessly.

Human Design is exactly that: your ďmanual for lifeĒ. The Foundation Reading is the real initiation into living your design. It offers an in-depth holistic look at your inner workings. It can reveal your true nature and help you understand what takes you away from it. It can clarify things that you may already know on some level, but have never fully grasped. It can help you understand your talents, tendencies and vulnerabilities within yourself. Your Human Design chart can be interpreted at the level that can truly be astonishing. And itís never too late.

The reading can restore a sense of purpose and meaning in your life. It gives you your 'operation manual' for life based on your unique individual design, on you unique wiring so to speak. You can give yourself permission to "be yourself." And above all, you will learn HOW TO MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS.

My personal approach is about empowerment. It is what Iíve been seeking for myself for a number of years and what I can offer to you. I also take great care in making sure that you understand how to apply the information you receive in your daily life. Otherwise even the most brilliant ideas are worthless.

This live reading is about 70-90 min long and is recorded for you so you can always get back to it. You will receive it as an audio file (mp3). Reading can be done either via telephone or through the internet (Skype).

I am currently scheduling sessions about 3 weeks in advance.

YOUR INVESTMENT: $320 - click here to make your order

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