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The origin of the Human Design System
Neutrinos, Sun and planets: How do they make us who we are?
How to be correct in our sleep?
We are all unique.
Seven years' cycle of deconditioning


The origin of the Human Design System

Human Design System is a revealed science with mystical origins. It was revealed to Ra Uru Hu during an eight days period in January 1987. While living on Ibiza, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, he had a mystical encounter with an intelligence that was far superior to anything he had ever experienced. Ra calls this intelligence the Voice. For eight days and nights, he worked, transcribing in detail the Human Design System. During that time, Voice taught him the basis of the mechanical nature of the universe. He was given immensely detailed and scientific knowledge.

Ra is a genius in his own right. Prior to this experience, he respected no authority. As a skeptic, and with a background in physics, Ra had no belief in anything mystical. But, as he says, the humility of the experience with the Voice brought him to his knees. It shook him to the roots of his being.

In the following years, Ra dedicated himself fully into study and practice of the knowledge he was given. He talks about this time as a successful attempt to prove to himself that he was not insane, and that the Human Design System was accurate and true. He saw that this knowledge can be applied by everyone, just by following a simple strategy of making decisions. He offered Human Design publicly for the first time in 1992 and since then has taught it extensively in many countries around the world.

With statistical support for the Human Design System, it was a relief for Ra to be able to take off the hat of the mystic. It was a role that he was never comfortable with, yet he claims he had "no choice". Despite its mystical origins, and the esoteric systems that can be identified as components of its synthesis, the Human Design System is not a belief system. It is a new science.

Neutrinos, Sun and planets: How do they make us who we are?

(Text in Italic is reproduced with permission from Rave ABC's Student Manual by Theresa Blanding)

One of the sciences that are part of the Human Design synthesis is physics, particularly the role of neutrinos. Physicists divide all that exists in the universe into two families. "To put it simply, one is matter and the other energy. One family we'll call yin and other yang. The yin side is fundamentally material, and the physicists called the yin material quarks. The quarks came together in two groups called neutrons and protons. That was one side of the duality. On the other side of the duality was the yang. The yang was considered to be pure energy and this yang also broke up into two groups, called electrons and neutrinos.

Everything that you can imagine, such as the birds and the bees, the trees, and you – all of this is atomic in nature. Every galaxy, all of the things that we look at in the sky are all atomic in nature. This atomic universe is only 10% of the mass of the whole universe. In other words, all of these stars, all of these things that we imagine, the material universe is only a tenth of what is in fact physical. Until recently there was something missing and the physicists called it ‘dark matter.' Initially they understood the neutrino to be pure energy, but they began to research whether or not neutrinos had mass. What they discovered was that the largest of the neutrinos is about one-millionth of the weight of a proton. Now that's very light, but it's material. They also learned that the neutrino travels slower than light, which also meant that it could not be pure energy.

The majority of neutrinos are produced in stars (our Sun makes 70% of all the neutrinos passing through the Earth), although Jupiter produces about 3% and human beings produce a small quantity. Thus, there are so many neutrinos; there are more neutrinos than anything else in the universe. In fact, for every square inch (about 20 square cm) of space on our Earth, three trillion neutrinos (three million, million of them) pass through that place every second all the time. Thus, we live in a vast neutrino ocean or what could be seen as an enormous information feed or information program that's pouring in on us all the time.

The fact that neutrinos have mass is a key to understanding why we are influenced by the planets and by one another's presence in our lives. Mass is essential for storing information. Neutrinos pass through everything and they travel almost as fast as light itself. Whether they be created in the deep space or in our Sun, they race across the universe in every direction. And they store the information of what is it they pass through, carrying it with them on their journey. And just as they keep this information, they also share it with the next thing they pass through.

Imagine it's pouring in now from all the stars and the planet Mars comes along and gets in the way. When it gets in the way, that neutrino stream, which can pass through solid objects, pours through Mars. Since it's not energy, but is material, it has an impact as it penetrates. It's like if a white car and red car bang into each other, you're going to get a little white paint on the red car and a little red paint on the white car – this is called communication. As that neutrino stream moves through Mars, it's changed by Mars and it then comes pouring through us. Thus, we're alive in this ocean of neutrinos, both receiving information and at the same time imprinting the neutrinos with our being as they pass through each of us.

According to the “Voice”, when we come to this world, we are imprinted by the neutrino stream and various parts of our DNA get activated based on the information of the neutrino stream in that moment.

Although it was revealed to Ra in his encounter with the “Voice”, it wasn't until 11 years later, in 1998, that the mass of neutrinos was scientifically discovered.

How to be correct in our sleep?
Just as we can be ourselves in your daily life (by making your decisions based on your design), there is a way for us to be correct in our sleep. While sleeping, we humans receive something like a programming for the next day. This is meant to prepare us for the next day. But if we sleep in somebody else’s aura, this program will be wrong. Only if we sleep alone do we get the correct programming that’s intended for us. If you sleep next to someone else, or closer than 2 meters to someone (and this can also be a pet - a dog or a cat), then you’re not properly programmed and you’re going to wake up with the wrong “software” for the next day.

Sleeping in somebody else’s aura makes it difficult for you to be correct, to be yourself. Besides, sleeping in your own aura makes the sleep more refreshing. Just compare the difference you can feel waking up refreshed after sleeping alone vs. waking up after a night’s sleep next to somebody. This has nothing to do with love or sex. It is not a rule that can’t ever be broken. But as long as it’s possible, do yourself a huge favor and sleep in your own aura only. To be unconscious in somebody else’s aura is really not good for neither of you. And wall makes no difference, so if there’s a neighbor sleeping on the other side of your wall, you are still in his/her aura.

We are all unique

This isn't just a trite statement. There is a direct connection between our time of birth and specific qualities – activations – of our genetic code, our DNA. Human Design works with this connection. DNA is responsible for building our bodies and its various activations make us who we are on a conscious and unconscious level. It determines what kind of movement is ideal in our life in order to meet the least resistance.

Many standards accepted in our society can be quite harmful when applied in our life. They are generalizations and as such aren't reflecting our own unique nature. They can do quite a lot of harm, when accepted without approval from your inner authority. For example, some people should go to bed as soon as they start feeling tired, while others shouldn't go to bed until they are exhausted. Some people should never stay in a place that they don't like, be it a restaurant, house or office. For some it's correct to be healthily selfish. Some, in fact more than 50% of people, should never make spontaneous decisions; others can trust their intuition and decide in the moment. For some, it's unhealthy to exercise every day in the same time. For some it is harmful to make promises.

And the list goes on. People are like snowflakes in a sense that there are no two people alike. Imagine how beneficial it can be to know your design. It also clearly shows how futile it is to compare yourself with others and to expect others to behave or think as you would like them to.
Seven years cycle of deconditioning
It takes 7 years for our body to renew all its cells (except the brain cells). It takes 7 years to fully decondition ourselves from the Not-self behavior and mental patterns. Our memories are stored in the water within our cells. As we live according to our design, the process of becoming oneself is directly connected to transformation of our cells. If you are a Generator that is used to initiate (as most Generators), all the cells in your body want just that. Every day you manage to wait and respond, the new cells that are born in you know that waiting to respond is the way. And that is how, slowly slowly, we are becoming free from the conditioning that resides in our very core.

Who you are now is so different from who you will be after 7 years of living your truth. Two very different persons. Yes your open centers will still be open, and you will be aware of their openness, but they will have no influence over your life - none. As you complete your 7 years cycle, as you surrender the control over your life and follow your true authority, you are ready to begin fulfilling the real unique purpose of your life. You are literally born again.

We adults have to go through the ordeal and drama of deconditioning. But children, if treated according to their design, if respected and allowed to be themselves, can attune themselves to their true nature very quickly. (If they are still in their first 7 years of life, it's almost immediate.) I can't stress enough the importance of knowing and respecting your children's design. That is the biggest gift one can get - being allowed to be who one is.