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  Children and Human Design

I have done these two readings recently and cut out what the clients (both males) said right after I finished reading but before I turned of the recording - 1:49 min.

Your reading has been tremendously helpful to me. It's awesome. It has explained the areas where I have ALWAYS struggled and now I know how to change that. I am really grateful for this information, it's very empowering to know that those struggles will largely be gone if I follow my chart.

~ Sandra Lizotte

Hi Jakub,
your reading keeps impressing me. It stays in my system and becomes part of my daily adventure.

~ Saryo van Lakerveld
Five Rhythms Dance Teacher


Hi Jakub,
I hadn't listened to my reading in a while, but played it today while driving. It was so great to hear it again after several months had gone by, as I now have a better perspective on how it all works in my life and see I've gotten a better understanding of it. I find it so interesting that my Human Design aligns with so much of the information I've gathered over the years from my own experience as well as from various other sources and systems. And it's all so validating!
Although there are still plenty of changes I can make in how I am in the world, it feels good to be reminded that I don't need to know exactly who I am or where I'm heading. :) 
So thank you again for your excellent, well-presented, and thorough reading. I hope you're doing very well and are having much success!

~ Lily Hail
Santa Fe, New Mexico


I found my reading with Jakub to be very meaningful...
I liked his unique approach particularly about the centers. His style is complete and easy to follow.  I learned something new about myself that I will use each day.

~ Barbra Dillenger MscD


Hi Jakub,
I have found the session of great value and using it in every day life is yielding rewards. I am even thinking of training in the Human Design . I like very much your explanation and representation of Human design.

~ Trevor O'Connel


Dear Jakub,
Thank you for the reading - your analysis is spot on. Many, many thanks again.

~ Fiona Cunningham


Not knowing ourselves is like driving a car without headlights at night. Jakub helped me to understand myself from a perspective that I had never seen before. I would highly recommend him to anybody who wants to start a new journey in their life.

~ Laszlo Sztojkovics